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Home for Precious Gems - Providing a safe, supportive and healthy environment that encourages residents to live their remaining lives to their fullest potential.

Home for Precious Gems is the perfect home for your loved one.  Our name says it all!  Home for Precious Gems consider each and every resident a precious gem.  We believe your gem still has worth and value.  Our home offers 5 beds and is located in the Rambling Hills community of Upper Marlboro, Md.  Home for Precious Gems is an intimate, home environment providing all three levels of care.  Everything is contained on one level making ease of navigating the home.  Our home is security alarmed with a large fenced in back yard. We want to partner with you in providing the best possible care for your gem. Home for Precious Gems operate on the motto that “your loved one is as precious to us as they are to you”!



We are focused on providing a loving, caring, supportive environment that reflects highly on the dignity and self-worth of each resident.  Home for Precious Gems recognize that no two gems are alike.  We work with the unique individuality and preciousness of each person.  Our dedicated staff work hard to allow them to shine.  



To provide extraordinary care and support to each resident through highly skilled and genuinely concerned staff.  Striving to provide the necessary services and supports to achieve the quality and vibrancy of life that each person deserves. Our goal is to provide the reassurance to each family member that their loved one is in good hands and give them the comfort in knowing that Home for Precious Gems delivers as promised.



The owner and assisted living manager is Shelia Ramsey-Caldwell.  A licensed clinical social worker with 26 years of professional experience.  Shelia’s passion for seniors’ dates back to her early childhood.  She loved assisting the elderly in her community with household chores.  While achieving her Masters of Social Work degree, her passion led her to specialize in Gerontology.  Shelia has worked with the elderly in independent living, assisted living and nursing home settings.  She has dreamed of having her own assisted living home since 1990.  Shelia will ensure the seniors in her care will have their physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs met.


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